Indulge your senses and tantalise your taste buds while enjoying the lush tranquil backdrop of the Greater Addo’s flora and fauna.

Our lodge guests can relish in our newly built dining area. Nestled along the banks of our bachelor elephant’s favourite watering hole which provides guests with the opportunity to unwind, soak in the magnificence of the surroundings and experience some truly memorable encounters with our herd and other wildlife.

All our meals are created with the utmost natural detail to ensure your taste buds are left revitalised and refreshed.

Our Head Chef creates a seasonal menu according to our charmed South African climate. It’s very important that prior to arrival, guests notify us of any pre-existing medical conditions. This includes any food allergies, dietary needs and requirements. Unfortunately we do not offer al la carte.


Addo was an amazing experience! The elephants were awesome! The staff were very hospitable and made us all feel welcome.

Mika Häkkinen

Thanks for that fantastic experience at Barefoot Addo Elephant Lodge – it was really unique and my family loved the 2 days on your reserve!

Franz Beckenbauer

Best experience of my life at Barefoot Addo Elephant Lodge.

Maria Hofl-Riesch

Barefoot Addo Elephant Lodge is a unique and fantastic place and I had a wonderful time which I will not forget.

Gerhard Delling

Barefoot Addo Elephant Lodge is absolutely magical. Each day spent there was memorable and I look forward to my next visit.

Til Schweiger